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JAL Flight No.123便
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JAL Flight No. 123 Full video 60 minutes


Introducing Japan with 50 videos

Total 100 Videos
Europe, America and Hobbies

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Tirol, Austria

Castle in Germany

Lorelei, Germany


Belgium, Holland

Alpine, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Fall in New Jersey

Catskill Fishing, NY

New York City Guide(DVD)

Catskill Fishing, NY(Route)

Fluke Fishing in New Jersey

Salmon Fishing, NY

Winter Flounder, NJ

Fishing:Black Seabass

Fishing in Japan
2. English(344Mb)

Catskill Fishing (Fall)

Arresting device

JAL123 Sukiyaki Song

Jet Stream (night)

Jet Stream (day time)

Jet Stream (night/HD)(226MB)

Jet Stream (full screen) 4:3

Jet Stream Classic

Gate way to New York by ANA

List of video on YouTube(59videos)

All Night New York(DVD)

Arriving at Newark APO

US Air landed on Hudson River

New York view from the sky

New York view from the sky (full)

Air Plane:I love New York

Hong Kong

San Francisco

Paris, France


Visit Japan


Limousine service(HP)

New York City Guide(DVD)

Sky over NY and NJ Part I

Sky over NY and NJ Part II

Wait! Mr.President

Dusseldorf, Germany

Jet Stream Classic

"Blue Light in Yokohama"
Japanese pop song

Jet Stream 2011

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