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Tapes are changed to DVD

You probably have lots of video tapes such as VHS or 8MM. and pictures taken by a digital camera.
But, to watch it is not easy, especially to watch a particular portion on the tape. A DVD makes it easy. The most of the tapes is watched once shorly after taped. After that, it's been stocked and not be seen again, unfortunately.
Why is it? It's complicated to view it. 10 years ago, it's not.
But, there's DVD disk now, so everybody knows how easy to watch DVD compared with VHS tapes and feel about to view VHS is annoying.

Even if it's not annoying for someone, to watch the VHS 10 times or little bit more, the quality of picture images dramatically goes down. That's a problem too. But, not many people have two VCRs in one's house. So they can not make a back up copy either.

Now, it's the time to convert it to DVD disk. And you (not only you, but your family members, friends, too) can watch it very easily whenever you want to.
Ask us to make just one Original DVD disk paying a little money. After that you can make back up copies how many disks you want, it doesn't a matter.
The sample shows that the digital photos have been created to a DVD video (slide show.)

Welcome to New York - DVD video

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