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$1000.00 to $2,000.00 for just a website design only?
Pay it a all the time of a contract?
Forget about it.....!

Yet, you don't know that what kind web design will be made for you.
Further more, still you'll have to pay for getting a domain, register it, launching it and monthly maintenance, etc. etc.

Take our package ALL IN ONE, just $3.00 (*1) a day program.

Our "ALL IN ONE " package includes follwoings;
1. Getting your own domain name (only one in the world)
2. Web design for your own web site
3. Domain registration fee
4. Launching your web site on the world wide internet
5. Monthly maintenace fee
6. Weekly basis contents update also.

You don't need to pay anything more, but just $3.00 a day.
That's it.
And your web site will be on the Internet.
There's no catch at all.
The other guys charge too much !

(*1) $3.00 a day, but a payment should be monthly ($90.00)
Payment for every three months or sixmonths is also aveilable
$3.00 a day is for PC monitor screen size three pages of it (not just a page.)
This offer is limited time only. Our regular service charge is $6.00 a day.
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