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Special Occasions

Not a very special, but a commonly soething happens daily such as follows
Sports events for kids such as football, softball, basketball, succur, golf, tennis, cycling, boating and canoor etc.
For parents, moving to new house will be one of the big event.
When you go a vacation, sightseeing or a picnic etc., everybody take a video for the time and memory.
If something, even a little bit special, is held, it's a special occasion.
You can tape it and bring it to us to make it a DVD disk.
Edditing a video is important. Cutting uncertain portions, putting BGM, titling and so on.
After that you can watch it very easily whenever you want. You can send it to whom attended the party or your best friends to let them know the event.
A special DVD video will be created for you. When you are a host, you probably have no time to take any video. Call us, we go there and take the video.
Don't worry about it. We will just charge $65.00/man/hour for the cost. If there's no lighting necessary such as a mid day party or event, one man is good enough to take the video.

Welcome to New York - DVD video

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