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** PC trouble? **

You will be told "goint to your house $90.00 for next one hour." "If the fixing trouble takes more than one hour, we will charge $65.00 for next each hour."
How much will it be altogether? $200.00, $300.00, $400.00?
"We don't know."
Forget about it.
There're so many PC troubles day and night.
If you can wait until tomorrow to bring it to a shop where you bought the PCs, and ask them to fix it waiting 2-3 days after that, it's okay.
But, if you can not waste the time and it's a desk top, it's tough to take it to them. Please call us to fix it on site at your house.

  • Lan set up in a house (or small business 5 PCs. or less)
  • The above will be houry charge

  • Hardware upgrade (mainly HDD or memory module)
  • PC trouble fix day or night
  • Another trouble you are facing to
  • $120.00 zone A ($190.00 night) Paramus and east.
  • $155.00 zone B ($230.00 night) West of Paramus.
  • Service area: Bergen county only
  • Night: 18:00-00:00 midnight
  • The above price is a flat fix rate (never changed how long we take time)
  • Parts will be an extra (if needed)
  • If we couldn't fix the problem, we don't charge any to go your house and back. You will lose nothing.

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